Well, arranging a payroll system is certainly not difficult to do if the company already has a template for how the employee’s salary must be calculated. In fact, this will certainly be able to make the company able to provide decent wages to all employees who work in the company. Thus, the company will also be able to provide something that has become the right of the employee. The company will not be labeled as a negligent company in fulfilling the salary policy for these employees. However, everything will be simpler, time and money saving if you benefit from Payroll outsourcing.

First, the initial step that must be done in preparing the employee’s salary is to determine how much the employee should get, in accordance with his position. It is certain that with this, employees will be able to obtain significant benefits.



They will know how to contribute to the company according to the salary they receive. The preparation of salary adjusted to the position is of course very important considering that each position within the company, in fact, has its own level of difficulty. Not everyone can be a manager or supervisor if they don’t really have experience in that field. Therefore, it is very important for HRD to pay attention to this one thing. They must know how the actual calculation of salary for these employees will not give a polemic to employees. Do not let the manager’s salary turn out to be lower than the staff salary or administration.

Second, the steps for preparing employee salaries can also be done based on how much performance they provide to the company. To be sure, companies will never be stingy with employees who are able to show that their performance is even better. Thus, then the employees will be able to happily get a salary that matches their performance. It would be better if the employees were given advice not to distribute the salary they received.

Third, when compiling employee salaries, of course, the important points that must be considered are overtime and bonuses. Overtime is a right obtained by employees who work outside actual working hours. Let’s say they work for 8 hours in one day. If it really has to be overtime because there are many things to do then they might work overtime, for example up to 10 hours or 11 hours a day. This, of course, must be appreciated by the company with overtime.

Fourth, arranging employee salaries must also be based on a mature calculation in accordance with the increase in inflation and other factors. Sometimes the company also has to adjust the employee’s salary according to the minimum wage limit or minimum wage in accordance with the regulations given by the government.

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